Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Welcome to the inaugural message from the City of York Embroiderers' Guild.

We had a most enjoyable meeting on Saturday 2nd October when our speaker was Maggie Smith. She gave us a most entertaining PowerPoint presentation entitled 'If it doesn't move, it's still life'

She spoke most eloquently as to how she keeps revisiting themes and ideas in this case 'Still Life'   She showed examples of still life that had inspired her and then how she interprets this with technique which incorporates plaster into her work.

Plaster may seem to be a brittle substance which may seem incompatible with stitch - however it is mixed with paint and glue which gives it more flexibility and Maggie's work show how stitch and plaster work very well together.

Notices for today

We are asked to bring cakes for a cake stall at the next meeting ( 6th November 2010) and to make a card/s for the December meeting (4th December 2010)  - both of these requests are to help boost branch funds.

Will those members who are going to lead workshops on Members Day (December) please bring their completed idea and requirements list to the November meeting.

Christmas competition will be icicles - please put on your thinking caps!!!!!!!


  1. A big, big thank you to Chris who has spent a vast amount of time the last couple of weeks setting up this Blog for us. It's very much appreciated Chris!! PS Don't forget the postcard page - thanks.

  2. Well done,Chris
    I like the look you've created

    Sheila BM

  3. I agree with Sheila. It's looking good. Love the background.

    Gillian BM