Sunday, 14 November 2010

November Meeting (Part 3)

This should be the final installment of the November meeting - I told you we had a busy old time!!

Blow Your Own Trumpet

This is a table where we encourage members to bring work that they have completed or are part way through so that we can see what everybody is doing at home - we are like all embroiderer's everywhere and like to see and admire others work.

Pauline Twyman brought her completed panel which she started at Maggie Smith's workshop last month. Textures and stitches are very effective.

This is Helen Webster's very delicate stitched and beaded piece - it is very beautiful and my photograph does not do it full justice.

These two pieces are the work of Viv Stamford - the red bottle is a as yet uncompleted sample from Maggie Smith's workshop and I really didn't look closely enough at the time but I am suspecting that she has used the plastered technique as a background for her rather delightful penguin.  Clever!!!!!!!

This is my (Chris Beavers) contribution  - I started  this box at the box making workshop with Tracy Franklin.
Unusual fabric worked rather well on this chunky little box - even if I say so myself!

Finally in this section is a beautiful knitted shawl worked and modelled by Cluny Chapman.  The wool was also 'grown' by Cluny via her small flock of Shetland sheep.

That concludes this section - sincere apologies to anyone I have missed.

Name Badges

This section is to highlight the wearing of name badges at the meeting to help new members or those like me who have little senior moments when names just escape them totally.
I thought I would look each month and feature particulaly unusual/clever/beautiful/amusing name badges and I am going to start this month with one which qualifies as probably the biggest but also very clever.  The owner of this name badge is Elaine Hubery and I think it is just fantastic!

Scarves for Breast Cancer
A Huge Thank you !

At the last meeting or the meeting before, Judith Johnson, one of our members appealed on behalf of a Breast Cancer Charity - they were attempting to encourage people to knit  a scarf approx  5 feet long in an effort to get enough scarves to metaphorically 'wrap' around the City walls. The scarves when all collected in at the end of November will be auctioned to raise money for Breast Cancer - our members responded very generously and they brought in their scarves to this months meeting.  Here are just a selection of them - apologies to anybody whose scarf is not featured  but rest assured that your work is greatly appreciated.

I also found Isobel Goforth still knitting whilst waiting for the meeting to begin - true dedication!

Next Meeting. Saturday 4th December 2010

The next meeting is called a Member's day - this is where we try to organise something for the members to do instead of having a speaker. It is a very social meeting allowing you to mix with different people with whom you may not normally know and/or meet; this can be  acheived by having mini workshops led by 10/12 members as tutors and up to 10 members as their pupils.
Here are the workshops being offered this year.

Carol Coleman's boxes look very effective.
I love Liz Lumb's angels having a 'bad hair' day!

Josie Storey will be helping her pupils with small Christmas bags.

I think these Christmas bird will make quirky decorations.

Pauline Twyman has found an innovative way to light up our Christmas!
One shape - so many ideas - well done Dulcie Leach.

Moira Wood's Christmas decorations are a swinging success!

Margaret Ward
Sue Giles

Both Margaret and Sue are offering stitched Christmas cards - same technique but very different subjects.

There is also a further workshop on small folded boxes suitable for small gifts being offered by Kay Warnock but I forgot to go back to the table to photograph them. Sorry Kay.

And Finally - the Chairperson.

Shirley and her bling!!!!!!!!

This is our excellent chairperson, Shirley who is under a misinformed impression that she is 'in charge'  and I have to accept that on the meeting day she holds us altogether BUT I have to ask myself who has sole charge of our access to the internet on our behalf!!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy your tea Shirls!

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