Friday 10 March 2017

March Meeting - Ailish Henderson

Our speaker this month was Ailish Henderson. Ailish previously came to speak to us nearly three years ago (time flies!). The theme of the talk this time was 'Creating Sketchbooks to Treasure'.

A page from one of Ailish's sketchbooks
Ailish brought lots of her own sketchbooks for us to look through and to get inspiration for developing our own ways of recording a creative journey.

She talked about ways to overcome the fear of the white page, from choosing a theme to give inspiration, and staining or painting pages before working into them, to working with mixed media to give interest to the page.

She talked about how making a sketchbook should be an enjoyable part of the process, not just a means to an end, and could be treasured. Her sketchbooks give her a place to reflect, and provide a constant visual memory. She generously shared with us many of the ways she uses to create her 'treasures' and encouraged us to use some of her tips and techniques to create our own sketchbooks to treasure.

In other news . . .
Next month is the Competition for best commercial design. Do enter! This competition is for any piece that has been made from a kit or other commercial design.