Wednesday 23 September 2020

September Update - Sadly meetings cancelled until 2021

The covid-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the opportunity to hold monthly branch meetings. Behind the scenes, the committee is still working hard. This is an update from our chairperson Chris:

The committee met on a lovely  afternoon in Sue's beautiful garden. As well as being good to  see each other, and the tea  and cake, and the chat, it was a very productive meeting and we got a lot of business done. 

It's sad but hardly surprising that all our meetings for the rest of the year have been cancelled. We hope to resume in January and followers of the blog will by now have seen what an  excellent  programme  we shall have. 

With the resignation of Sue from the committee, and our Programme Secretary Gina and our Treasurer Lilian resigning with effect from October, we have three places and two roles to fill.  Jacqs and  Liz  have volunteered to take these roles on and will be duly nominated. Their names and any other nominations will be put to a vote, which  will have to take place using email or post. We don't have to hold an AGM but we do have to have an election for any new committee members. Ingrid will be emailing everyone with the details and I shall contact those members not online. 

We decided that because we have missed so many meetings we would like to reduce the individual subscription to the branch by £10. More on this to members from Ingrid via email and from me where necessary in the old-fashioned way. We agreed to offer a textile student bursary in 2021, and this will be advertised via social  media eg Instagram.

Our next committee meeting will be via Zoom. Hmm, must look around the house for  a suitably impressive background. Or a tidy one at any rate.


As a PS, the sale of goods belonging to Barbara Douglas (see previous post), due to take place on Sunday 27th September has been cancelled.

Wednesday 2 September 2020

Latest News

We are still not certain when meetings will be able to resume, but we do have a full programme ready for the remainder of this year, and next year. Click here, or on the 'Programme 20-21' tab for full details,

Sadly, one of our long-standing branch members, Barbara Douglas, died in February. She was also a member of Ryedale branch, and they have arranged to have a sale of her textile materials. Update: 23rd Sept. No doubt due to the increase in restrictions due to the pandemic, this sale has now been cancelled.

Apparently, there is quite a quantity of items (I'm sure we can all relate to that!) and it is hoped that a good sum of money can be raised to support the charities mentioned.