Monday 31 July 2017

July meeting - Members' day and the Big Stitch

This month's meeting was different from most meetings in as much as we didn't have a speaker or a business meeting. What we did have as usual was a coming together of members and visitors who have a love of, or interest in, Stitch.
We spent the day working on our own projects ( or in some cases - mine included - talking about what we were doing, but not actually doing much of it ).
I took a few photos to give a flavour of the range of work that was happening.

Daisies by Jose

Part of the Stamford Bridge Tapestry project, stitched by Sharon

Fabric dyeing with resist by Pauline

A selection of very fine bugs stitched by Shirley

Detail of the Blackwork piece stitched by Isobel,
 which won the prize for the best piece of Blackwork
There is no meeting in August, but we will be back at the Folk Hall on 2nd September.