Tuesday 13 July 2021

July meeting roundup

At our last Zoom meeting on Saturday, 3rd July, after a plenary session in which she explained the current arrangements for the new group, Nicky then organised small breakout groups for members to  discuss the matters raised in the survey she  had previously emailed to everyone. There were many  helpful comments and suggestions put forward in the feedback from the groups and these will be used  by the committee to inform future planning and organisation. Those who didn’t take part in this meeting have been invited to email their response to the survey to Nicky.

The timing and pattern of the day, the frequency and type of speakers we have, what kind of  input we could receive from our own members and the effective use of social media were amongst the topics considered.  With a healthy bank balance it might be possible to have some outings too. A programme of speakers and activities is in place for the remainder of the year (click here for the programme page) and the committee can now start planning for the whole of 2022 bearing in mind the members’ suggestions. We’re very much looking forward to meeting in person on 14th August in our new home.  Don’t forget your show and tell, or even just show, work and your entry for our YES logo competition.