Wednesday 2 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013
The next meeting will be on Saturday January 5

The full list of winning numbers for the Baltimore Quilt and the prizes.

1st         1456   Quilt winner                                         C Rochester
2nd           1400    Work by Serena Partridge             M& H Blackstone
3rd        0746    Rug Bag                                              F Stoner
4th        0116    Tracey Franklin Gold work                S Middleton
5th        0761    Sheila Ridgeon Beadwork                C Ankers
6th        0335    Selection of Threads                          A Barnet
7th        1182    Book                                                    B Jones
8th        083      Book                                                    A Bateman
9th        5067    Pauline Twyman Stump work           P Hopkins
10th      0842    Book                                                    S Newton
11th      0082   Cluny Picture                                       C Cox

The weather can be problematic during the winter months and for safety reasons meetings can be postponed. The cancellation of the meeting will be announced by 9am on the Blog.
The 2012-2013  trickle  tree has been set up by the committee to make sure the message is available as quickly as possible.

See you all on Saturday