Friday 1 January 2016

December Meeting - Christmas Special

Happy New Year!
I'm not certain where December went, but just in advance of our meeting tomorrow, I thought I'd put up some photos from our Christmas meeting.

We had a members' day, which is a really lovely opportunity to meet other members of the group and have a good chat whilst sharing a love of stitch.

Stitching away, with our branch chairman keeping an eye on us!

This year we had a mini 'round robin' where we all worked a small part of an embroidery before it was passed on to the next person at the table to add the next element.

To add a little extra challenge, each table was only allowed to use one stitch, so versatility and creativity were called for.

Fly stitch in various shapes and sizes

It wasn't all hard work!

There was cake - both fruit and sponge varieties, together with a bran tub and raffle, and the Christmas Competition.

This year the theme was 'A Christmas Parcel' and was won by Jose.