Thursday 8 December 2011

Christmas meeting

Hello everybody, I thought I would just say that a few people came up to me at the meeting and said that they think we should have the mini workshops more than once a year. That they think it is a really good way of mixing in and meeting new people and making new friends. I do agree and think it may be worth having this type of day in the summer also. I will suggest it at the next committee meeting at the beginning of January. So watch this space!!I was running the 'Tiny Tea Lights' workshop and I really enjoyed it.Everybody made a tea light,they were all very different colours and different decorations were added.They all needed to be dried at home and then finished off - but I would love to see them finished - so maybe those people on my table would bring them to the January meeting and we can have a little display.Pauline (Treasurer)

Wednesday 7 December 2011

What a long time!!!!!!!

Hello girls
What a long time since I last spoke to you - I really don't know where the time goes to and I have been very remiss in my updating of the blog. Please accept my apologies and I hope to do better in 2012.
I have come on today to give a brief report about last Saturday's meeting which was excellent.
Our Christmas meetings are listed as Members Days and can take a variety of formats - this year was a direct repeat of last year which had to be cancelled because of the atrocious weather conditions.
Dulcie had enlisted the services of several of our members to organise little mini-workshops to last approx 2 hours and we were offered various alternatives (usually with a Christmas theme): so we had card making options, two angel options (though one was listed as a hairy fairy!!!!), small christmas bags and boxes, tea light holders, tree decorations etc. etc - you get the idea.
We had a quick (for us) business meeting and then we were up and running or heads down and on with our activities - you can always tell when something is going well as there is a quiet hum of activity as people concentrate and then start to quietly chat amongst themselves as their confidence with the task grows - we had a great afternoon and I think practically everyone went home with something  complete or that they could complete easily at home.
 On my table I offered bird tree ornaments and I was really pleased with my pupils efforts and hope to see embellished birds in January.

I on behalf of the committee would like to say a big thank you to those who volunteered!!!!! to teach for the afternoon as without you the day would not be such a success. Thank you for all the preparation beforehand, your time and expertise on the day and for leaving your workstations tidy at the end.  Also thanks to Dulcie for organising the day - everybody was in the right place at the right time - no small achievement.

Other highlights of the afternoon were a bran tub, raffle, Christmas bag competition ( I would like to tell you who won but I wasn't listening when it was announced - sorry) and best of all we had cake at half time for which I have to thank Liz Lumb as it was her usual lovely cake. I had both the fruit side and the sponge side!!!!!!

I am going to invite some more committee members to participate in the Blog so you should have a better chance of getting information next year - Have a very good Christmas and all good wishes for 2012.
Chris B