Thursday 8 December 2011

Christmas meeting

Hello everybody, I thought I would just say that a few people came up to me at the meeting and said that they think we should have the mini workshops more than once a year. That they think it is a really good way of mixing in and meeting new people and making new friends. I do agree and think it may be worth having this type of day in the summer also. I will suggest it at the next committee meeting at the beginning of January. So watch this space!!I was running the 'Tiny Tea Lights' workshop and I really enjoyed it.Everybody made a tea light,they were all very different colours and different decorations were added.They all needed to be dried at home and then finished off - but I would love to see them finished - so maybe those people on my table would bring them to the January meeting and we can have a little display.Pauline (Treasurer)

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  1. Welcome to the blog - thanks for posting - I asked my lot to bring in their birds too in January as I would love to see what they have done with my instructions. Chris