Saturday 14 July 2012

Workshop Offer

There is a workshop Wednesday 18 July 2012 at The Design Suite. Josie Storey
will be tutoring this worshop "Working with Funtex" the time will
be 10am till 4pm including Tea & Coffee.
I have attached the leaflet for all the details.
Members are offered this as at a special price of £25.00
per person. The website details are

Regards Angela Feather

Wednesday 4 July 2012

News from a very wet and miserable York!!

I' m getting really fed with all this precipitation but the good news is that we had a successful Exhibition at the end of June - don't think we are going to break any records but we had a lot of lovely people come to see our work and talk with us.

Speaking of the work the standard, variety and breadth of the work was excellent - there was something for everyone so well done to you all and a huge thank you to all that helped in whatever way to make the Exhibition a success.

One of the real highlights for me and for many others was the work of our Young Embroiderers' who had chosen to use York's 800th centenary celebrations as inspiration and gave us a spectacular view of costumes throughout the ages - fantastic!!!

Another highlight for many of our visitors was our Competition "A Cushion fit for a Regal Bum!!!!!"   It was hard this year.  Moira who had organised this thread of the Exhibition sent me the answers on the Monday after the Exhibition and it is solely tardiness on my part which has made you wait so long for the answers but here we go:-

I will try to match the correct photo to the correct answer - apologies for some photo quality -I was using my phone.

 No 1      Sandra Atkin         King Solomon

No 2     Gina Smith        Snow Queen

No 3     Kath Potter      Queen of Sheba

No 4      Anne Bryszkiewski     Queen Anne

No 5       Carol Wilson       Eleanor of Castille

No 6    Shirley Smith    Queen Mab

No 7  Maureen Fawcett   Queen of the Night

   No 8   Christine Addley  
                                     Elizabeth, Queen Mother                                                                     

No 9    Colleen Nicoll  Anne Boleyn

 No 10  Ruth Edwards   Queen Victoria

No 11 Susie Bayley    Queen of Hearts

 No 12   Bertie Harte   Richard III

 No 13   Sheila Wade   Cleopatra

No 14 Viv Stamford   Mary Queen of Scots

No 15    Pauline Twyman   King Harold

No 16  Judith Johnson     Boudicca

No 17   Moira Wood   Nefertiti

 And there we have it - I won't publish the winners as that will spoil the surprise or they may alreadt know but I suspect results will be announced on Saturday.

I am sure that there will be more photos published here but that is all I have for now - am now going to lie down in a dark room having wrestled with uploading photos!!!!!
Please accept my apologies if I have got anything wrong it was and is unintentional.