Saturday 23 November 2019

November meeting - Heather Cawte

Our speaker this month was Heather Cawte. Heather has been a member of this branch for several years, and is heavily involved in the Stamford Bridge Tapestry Project.

Heather's talk took us on the journey of her life, and the influences that shaped her creativity. Her involvement with the Tapestry project led ultimately to her studying for City and Guilds qualifications with Tracy Franklin and Julia Tristron at Stitchbusiness.

Heather's final project was inspired by hallucinations when she was seriously ill. I'm sure not everyone would hallucinate neon doughnuts - but this was the start of the design process which, she says, has transformed how she approaches her work. Samples, experimentation, analysis, evaluation and design development have now become the way forward. Heather explained how she used these tools (and the pitfalls she encountered along the way) to create her final piece for City and Guilds.

Heather Cawte Doughnut samples

Heather Cawte Doughnuts - only the box is 'real'
This was a very interesting talk, hearing how other people approach the design process.

In other things . . . 

Next month is the Christmas meeting - and 40th Anniversary meal.
Stitch club will be running in the morning from 10:00. The meal (which must be pre-booked) is at 12:00 for 12:30. The afternoon talk will include making a Christmas wreath. Please bring some Christmassy ribbon to wrap the basic wreath. Also bring a small sewing kit, and whatever glittery sparkly things you might have!

There will be a raffle. The theme of the Competition (there are prizes) is 'A Christmas Card'