Monday 28 March 2011

Last week before the next meeting - again!!!!

I really am not suited to blogging - - I have not the neccessary self discipline!  Despite several gentle reminders from the Chairperson here I am in the last week again deparately trying to remember what happened at the last meeting ( have lost the notes!).

What I can remember totally is that those of us who have been making Baltimore Quilt panels had to bring them all in and they looked fantastic -  the designs, the colours the workmanship were beyond all expectations.  Jean Graves who has been co-ordinating the project consulted on colours and ideas for sashing and borders and has now gone away with said panels to assemble the quilt.   We are making the quilt to raffle at our forthcoming exhibition in 2012 and already lots of people are envisaging how the completed quilt would look in their home (me included!)

Anyway enough waffle here are the pictures  - I have numbered the panels (in no particular order) as I want to match makers to panels - some I am sure of some I am more uncertain and do not wish to attribute wrongly.  If you have done a panel and I have not put your name beside it please e-mail me with the number and the technology Gods willing I will amend.

Number 1  Helen Webster

Number 2    Shirley Smith

Number  3       Diane Mawby

Number  4   Pam Drury
I have four pictures loaded and require coffee so am going to publish these as a measure of good faith ( really just to let the Chairperson know that I am working on it)  and I will be back with you later in the day.

Thursday 3 March 2011

Excuses excuses!!!

Hello one and all

The title says it all!!  - between holidays (mine) and a short month I have not had time to report on last month's meeting but it was a good one.

This post is just by way of a reminder about Saturday's meeting:-

Those members who are involved with the Baltimore Quilt please remember that Jean requested that the squares be returned completed this month  - which explains why I am stitching as if there is no tomorrow!!!

Following the success of the hand made cards at an earlier meeting it is going to be repeated this month - Easter cards may be good although any will be very acceptable.

If I think of anything else I will post further.