Saturday 7 November 2015

November meeting - Elizabeth Almond

The speaker today was Liz Almond. She explained her love of Blackwork, showing us the first piece she did around her City and Guild years. Revisiting the subject years later Liz created designs which she sent off to various magazines where they generated interest. 

A selection of Liz's work
Liz set up a teaching embroidery website "Blackwork Journey" and has Facebook pages and Pinterest, contacting people all over the world.

She has been influenced by Mosque and Temple designs and the use of geometric Islam patterns. She shared many pieces of advice on "How to do" and "How not to do". She particularly emphasized the importance of fastening off ends to make the back of the work as neat as the front.

Liz shared her story of "The Box of Delights" - chocolates done in coloured Blackwork, with designs in bite-sized pieces.
Her prolific output and her obvious love for her work gave us delight too!

In other news . . .

The Christmas meeting has a requirements list as follows.

Postcard about 6x4" 
Piece of coloured fabric
Embroidery ring about 8/9"
Threads and spangly bits
Felt tip or dissolvable pen
A hard table mat
Needles etc

I don't know what it is we're making, but it sounds intriguing! Don't forget your 'Christmas Parcel' competition entry. And just a reminder that the December meeting starts at the earlier time of 1:30pm