Wednesday 3 June 2020

Covid 19 update

Sadly, in the light of the current pandemic, the June and July meetings have been cancelled. We don't have an August meeting, so the soonest we might meet again as a branch is in September, as Chris our Chairperson outlines in the following words.

It's been a very difficult ten weeks but things are now easing and our old life is in sight, if not exactly soon. We have been giving some consideration as to when we might be able to resume our meetings and it seems reasonable to aim for September which is a full three months away. We have missed some really good speakers but luckily Gina has been able to book a number of them for next year.

In September the speaker will be Anne Brooke, there'll be the morning's stitching to look forward to as well, and of course quite simply meeting each other again which will be lovely. Celia has suggested that we have an exhibition of work you have produced during lockdown and what a coincidence, the competition is for the best original design.  No doubt along with de-cluttered cupboards, immaculate gardens and longer hair (and shorter tempers?) there'll be lots of interesting and impressive pieces. I'll be keeping in touch with the Folk Hall where planning for re-opening is taking place. We'll keep everyone informed, and in the meantime I send love and best wishes.  I'm looking forward very much to our being together again.

June and July Meetings cancelled

Sadly the meetings for June and July have had to be cancelled. The situation will be reviewed before the September meeting. Further details will be posted here.