Friday 10 June 2011

July Meeting

Shirley Speaking!

Just to remind you all that it is the Chairman's Competition at the July meeting. I hope you have all been busy making beautiful hand made and decorated boxes. I'm looking forward to seeing them all.

Another quick reminder, about the small objects we have been asking you to make for our stall at the Guildhall in August. It would be good to receive those in July too, although we are happy to accept items for sale up to the very last minute, ie 16th/17th August!!

A new issue of 'In Contact' has just been published, and will be available on the Guild website.

Happy stitching.

Monday 6 June 2011

Additions to the Blog!

Hello all - I bet you are surprised to see me on the Blog so early in the month - well I am here very quickly to add some new links, I was asked at the meeting if I would add the website  of one of the members in the links and I really don't see why not so I have and then had a thought that I should extend this same courtesy to all other members.
So I have added Carol Coleman's Fibredance website and also Diverse Threads and I am aware that Diana Barrett and Cluny Chapman also have websites which I will add shortly - Please let me know if you do not either of these adding otherwise I will add them soon.
It there are any other members with textile related sites please let me know.

We had a really good meeting on Saturday which I will tell you about later not today!!!

Friday 3 June 2011

May's Meeting

Right girls here we are the night before the meeting tomorrow and I am just writing the report! But hey ho!

I have got to tell you that since I am no longer Programme Secretary one of the joys of coming the Embroiderers' Guild meetings is that I have no idea about the speaker or what she is going to say, and I have got to tell you that I am so rarely disappointed, and last month was no exception.

The speaker was a delightful lady called Janet Browne and I knew nothing of her until I signed up for her class and was directed to her website and when I saw that I knew I was in for a treat and she delivered big time!

The main feeling I came away with was the absolute delight she had in herself at being able at the age of 48 to allow herself to draw and paint exactly as she wants and her work has a wonderful naive quality which reflects this.

Her work is based on maps and she started by drawing small maps of her walks and these just got longer and longer! She draws very quickly and she draws things that are important bigger (rather like children do). She adds symbols from OS maps for texture and rather like children if she draws a hill it goes up and has to come down again and features are added as though they are laid down. This explanation is not reflecting the quality of her work at all - it is one of those things you have to see.

As well as mapping her walks, she also draws and maps her garden and allotments and journeys on holidays particularly the South West and has recently started to draw and work with birds.

Her textile technique, which she was so generous in sharing with us, is really a variation of reverse applique, but to say that is too simplistic - the work is staggering.

As was the workshop that several of us participated in the next day.

I am sorry I have no photos to show you - if I round some up from members I will post them, but I would recommend you to her website (

Notices for tomorrow (I know I'm a bit late!) - in the morning I will be available to show you a possible solution for mounting the Olympic Guinea postcards. Sad to say I am still struggling to find images and information about Guinea, but will keep plodding away!

See you tomorrow - please be warned I will be a bit excitable tomorrow - I may be getting a new dog!


Hello girls - I bet you all thought I had dropped off the face of the earth as I have been so remiss and hopeless in my duty as Blogmaster.  Well this is not the case - I just totally missed the deadline for the April meeting and have very nearly missed the deadline for this one too!!!!

So this being the case I am going to give a brief report on April's talk, which was actually a repeat of one that was given by Linda in December 2009, but owing to weather very few people attended and as her work is very interesting we invited her back to repeat the talk.

I was one of the people who heard the talk the first time round and enjoyed it very much and equally enjoyed it this time. I think this is because the first time I heard Linda speak and saw her work I was overwhelmed by the creativity and the breadth of her work.

Her talk is called 'Exploring Identity through Creativity in Texitiles & Beads', which seems a bit of  a mouthful but actually you get what it says on the tin. Linda is an American, married to an Englishman and living in this country and she explores the differences between America and this country as she sees them. One of the main ones being scale. For example, I don't think I live near the coast. Linda, who lives in Leeds, does think she lives near the coast and this is because she was born and brought up in central North America, where the coast is thousands of miles away and therefore the 80 miles to Scarborough is nothing to her - it's all just a matter of scale!

Her work is varied and ecclectic and she is very willing to share her prodigious output with us all, bringing lots and lots of examples of her textile work, her beadwork and her work incorporating glass. She outlined her inspiration and her methods and was generous with both explanations and time. I thoroughly enjoyed this talk, possibly even more the second time.

She kindly allowed me to photograph her work and I am going to post some of the photos of her work here for you to see and I think you will agree that it speaks for itself.