Friday 3 June 2011


Hello girls - I bet you all thought I had dropped off the face of the earth as I have been so remiss and hopeless in my duty as Blogmaster.  Well this is not the case - I just totally missed the deadline for the April meeting and have very nearly missed the deadline for this one too!!!!

So this being the case I am going to give a brief report on April's talk, which was actually a repeat of one that was given by Linda in December 2009, but owing to weather very few people attended and as her work is very interesting we invited her back to repeat the talk.

I was one of the people who heard the talk the first time round and enjoyed it very much and equally enjoyed it this time. I think this is because the first time I heard Linda speak and saw her work I was overwhelmed by the creativity and the breadth of her work.

Her talk is called 'Exploring Identity through Creativity in Texitiles & Beads', which seems a bit of  a mouthful but actually you get what it says on the tin. Linda is an American, married to an Englishman and living in this country and she explores the differences between America and this country as she sees them. One of the main ones being scale. For example, I don't think I live near the coast. Linda, who lives in Leeds, does think she lives near the coast and this is because she was born and brought up in central North America, where the coast is thousands of miles away and therefore the 80 miles to Scarborough is nothing to her - it's all just a matter of scale!

Her work is varied and ecclectic and she is very willing to share her prodigious output with us all, bringing lots and lots of examples of her textile work, her beadwork and her work incorporating glass. She outlined her inspiration and her methods and was generous with both explanations and time. I thoroughly enjoyed this talk, possibly even more the second time.

She kindly allowed me to photograph her work and I am going to post some of the photos of her work here for you to see and I think you will agree that it speaks for itself.



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  1. I don't know whether to be flattered or offended that my necklace appears to be the work of Linda Hume
    Just to set the record straight the necklace on the black velvet stand is by
    Sheila Ridgeon