Tuesday 30 November 2010

Inclement Weather

Hello Girls
I have been asked by Shirley to advise you that owing to  the recent bad weather the Committee are considering cancellation of the meeting on Saturday.
The main roads in and around York are now very passable and buses are running as normal.
I think the main problem will be the car park of the Folk Hall and I am going to have a look at it tomorrow but I can't think that they have either the manpower or equipment to clear such a large space.
A final decision will be made on Thursday and members will be informed via the blog, e-mail (if they have it) or phone using a cascade system.
If you here nothing then you can safely assume that it is going ahead and I will see you there.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Chris. If there is a meeting, I almost certainly won't be there as I am well and truely snowed in. Have a great time if you get there, and save me some cake -fruit end please!! I'll bring my card and competition entry to the Jan meeting to proove that I did it. I hope all members have a very Happy Christmas and a good New Year. Shirley