Tuesday 9 November 2010

November Meeting

We had a really good meeting today, at least I thought so! - there was so much going on I think I will have to do this post in two stages.

Saturday Morning
I will go through the day chronologically: we started at 10.00 o'clock with the Baltimore Quilt group doing some more on their blocks: Jeans teaching topic today was ruched flowers - I managed to miss the actual teaching (too busy talking to others) but I did manage to snaffle the hand out. 

Please check out the Baltimore Quilt page as I am going to put up todays photo's there so we can see progress.

Whilst this was going on on one side of the room various members were occupying themselves with their own work at tables scattered around - this is a very social kind of a morning with a tremendous amount of chat going on as we can see from the photo's below.

Sheenagh and Sheila enjoying coffee and chat.

Celia makes sure we all know she has paid!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna's hands were playing her up today but she remains cheerful.

Margaret's hands are also painful but she can manage to knit.

It's always good to know that some will give a second opinion.

I thought they looked very serious  they said that they were concentrating. 

Something has tickled Pam about the patchwork!

Whilst we were enjoying ourselves downstairs the committee took themselves upstairs to work on  our behalf having a meeting and here are the photo's to prove it!!

They are all working hard but they don't seem too unhappy about it!

This is pretty much what happens during the mornings before the branch meeting in the afternoon.

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