Friday 1 April 2011

What a coffee break!!!

Goodness me that was a coffee break and a half!
Apologies to all but this is the first opportunity I have had  to get back to the blog - I have had my coffee first this time and so hopefully should be able to put in a decent amount.

The meeting - Saturday 5th March

I am going to do the meeting report first as it is the loading of pictures that seems to take me the longest time so please put up with the ramblings first and then I will reward you with pictures if I have time.

Would you believeit!!!!!!!!!!!  I had found the previously lost notes in a notebook, set up the computer already to go - fingers itching to type and went to get the notebook from the kitchen table only to find that it had gone walkabout again  Him indoors has taken it round to a neighbours to make notes and drawing of a wall!!!!! - I have a vague memory of him saying where he was going and what he was taking but as usual I was not giving him my total attention and off he has gone with my note book so there has to be a small change of plan!

Young Embroiderers
The young embroiderers' met during the half term holiday and their theme was cup cakes - the ingenuity of the young never ceases to amaze me and the examples that were brought along were a delight to behold    

Two examples of cakes and photographs taken on the day.

Well really  - you have to agree that these would not have looked out of place at Betty's


Blow your own trumpet

You may remember on one of my very first blogs I reported that we had a talk from a young woman called Serina Partridge, that I had enjoyed very much, well she followed this up with a workshop making delightful paper shoes.   I actually completed mine but forgot to bring them in
to the blow your own trumpet table but three of our number did remember!

We could make  shoes in different sizes as Dulcie shows us here.

These are Moira's blue shoes - two thoughts popped into my head, first the workmanship is excellent and second and very irreverently what sort of a doll could I make with two such mismatched feet in terms of size!

Pauline has shown us an excellent way to display our shoes
I have a memory that Sheila Ridgeon made a plea for people to put their names on their work when they put it out for display and to this end she has made some excellent labels which will be available for you to fill in and then we will know who to praise or question about a technique.
This month all three did label their work and well done to them but I would like to underline Sheila's request as then I can properly attribute work on the blog.

Lunchtime is looming and the missing notebook and Him indoors has not yet returned so I shall post this section and await his return - I will let you know if he survives!

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