Monday 4 April 2011


Hello everyone. Shirley speaking.

Well here I am, back from sunny, Bonnie Dundee, home of jute, jam and journalism, the 'silvery Tay', 'Scott's Discovery', and of course the the location of this year's Guild AGM.

The hotel venue was wonderful. I wasn't fortunate enough to be staying there, but Sandra M, Sheila W and Isobel G will be able to tell you what a life of luxury they lived there for a few days. What I can tell you about it is that the food was wonderful, and the staff extremely helpful. The whole weekend had been meticulously organised by a combination of HQ, the Scottish Regional Committee and the members of Dundee Branch. The North West Region will have a hard act to follow next year at Southport, but I'm sure they will rise to the challenge!

The only criticism I have is that for the whole of Saturday morning, the sound system was out of action, and I had a job to hear what was going on during the AGM meeting. I would have given you a brief resume of the business, but couldn't hear well enough to be able to take notes. Fortunately, Sue G must have better hearing than I, so she will give you all a report at our next meeting. Suffice it to say, that we now have a new Chairman, Pauline Hannon, who was Chairman of the North West Region at the same time that I was in Yorkshire, so I know her well enough to be able to say that she will do her very best for the future of our Guild.

I didn't take my camera, because it would have been too cumbersome, but once again Sue G came to the rescue, and when she sends me her photos, I'll post some for you to see. The only one I did take, is on my phone, and when I get it off I'll show you. Just to temp you, it is of Sandra M wearing the fruits of her Friday workshop to the Gala Dinner on Saturday evening! No doubt there will also be pictures in the next edition of 'Contact' and 'In Contact'.

I understand that you all had a very good meeting on Saturday last, and that I wasn't missed one bit, which is just as it should be!!

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