Sunday 16 January 2011

Branch Meeting Part Two


We did have cake and very good it was too!

Liz made it -one part fruit cake one part sponge
On behalf of all members and Committee a huge thank you to Liz Lumb - it really was appreciated.


We did have a Competition based on Icicles - we had 7 entries as varied as always. The entries are placed anonymously , numbered and then members vote for which entry they like the best by placing a coin in the accompanying envelope.  The entry with most coins (not the greatest value) win

The entries:-

As I said we had 7 entries - apologies to number 4 and 6 as the quality of my photography is not good.  The winner was number 1 and the maker was Pam Drury.  At this time I am not going to publish the remaining entrants as I do not have all that information - I know the makers of no's 2, 3 and 6 and will happily update the blog when I know the makers of the other entries - please let me know.

 Greeting cards

We asked for members to donate hand-made Christmas cards for sale at the Christmas meeting but when that meeting was cancelled we extended the remit to include any cards so long as they were hand-made. As usual the membership rose to the challenge and there was an extremely good selection of cards on sale -

We had a wide variety of cards donated.

People are so inventive!

Is this a good Christmas card or what?


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  1. A brilliant blog that sums up a really good meeting.
    Thank you, Chris