Thursday 27 January 2011

At Last

I have been threatening to post pictures and look at progress on the Baltimore Quilt - well here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to confess to a certain amount of frustration as this point but am determined to get something up on this blog about the Baltimore quilt and it's progress - the frustration is entirely with myself and my technical limitations - no matter how I try I cannot add to the Baltimore Quilt page so progress is going to be shown here on the main page - better here than on my hard drive.

I started to collect photo's in November and here are some of them:-

This is the work of Jean Graves (leader of this project) - it shows a lovely ruffled flower. She was using it as a teaching aid so I am uncertain as to whether this is going on the final quilt.

This is the first completed block - completed by me because I totally misunderstood the instructions - I did not hear/understand that it was a ongoing process each month - I just went home and did it and returned it the following month because that's what I thought everyone was doing!! Needless to say I was encouraged to take another block and do it in stages - more of the second block later!

This is a block being made by someone who listened and brought it on Saturday morning to Stitch club to work on. I should know whose this is but only photographed and failed abysmally to take down details but I do like the combination of greens in this block.

This is a block in it's very early stages - and it is good to see how they begin as at this stage it looks rather empty and does not give a idea of it's full potential but just watch it's development.

That's all for now - will put up more photo's in day or two once I've calmed and gotten over my hissy fit with the Blog!

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