Friday 25 June 2021

July Meeting - Still on Zoom

Following the Government's announcement that lockdown wasn't going to be lifted on 21st June, we have had to change our plans. This is a message from our Chair. 

It’s very disappointing that we won’t after all be  meeting in person on 3rd July. We have all been looking forward to it very much. There will however be another Zoom meeting, but this time with a difference. We are keeping to the programme sent out in April, which means it’s your opportunity to think about what you hope to enjoy at future YES meetings and to share your ideas and suggestions with the other members in small groups. The results of these discussions will then be shared with the whole group. The topics for discussion  will now be sent to everyone via email before the meeting,  at which Nicky will explain the process and divide those attending into chat rooms for the discussion, to be followed by someone from each group in turn reporting its findings. I‘m afraid I can’t take part in what will no doubt be a very interesting and worthwhile meeting, but in any  case it would be Nicky who will be in control.

If you are already on our mailing list, you will soon be hearing from Nicky, who will send out the draft constitution for YES, and a list of the points for discussion for the July Zoom Meeting. 

A reminder that the August meeting will be on the 14th, and not on the first Saturday of the month which is Yorkshire Day and for which the hall was previously booked. Before lunch we’ll have Show and Tell beginning with Nicky. After lunch it’s stitch and chat, a book sale, enrolment, and formal copies of the programme and the constitution for everyone . Members will also be able to see the entries for a YES stitched logo and to vote for their favourite. Don’t forget to bring yours along! It’s going to be a busy day.

Very best wishes,


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