Sunday 14 July 2019

July Meeting - Gina Smith

Our speaker this month was our own branch member Gina Smith. She stepped in at the last minute, and treated us to an illustrated talk about her textile work.

Gina Smith - Wensleydale
It was very interesting to hear how Gina builds up her pieces using stitch and transparent fabrics on a background of silk noil. Despite the painterly appearance, all the colour is achieved with expertly placed pieces of fabric.

Inspiration comes from photographs taken on her travels, either close to home in Yorkshire, or further afield in places as far flung as Namibia, India and the Amazon. To this she adds her own artistic interpretation to create unique pieces of work. A very inspiring and entertaining talk.

In other things . . .

New committee members are being sought.

Coach trip to the Bowes museum will be on Monday 21st October.

There is a members' day August meeting. At the Folk Hall, Saturday 3rd August. We will be working on the Hedgerow Project.

Pauline won the Chairman's Award for Mixed Media

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