Wednesday 8 October 2014

October Meeting - Meridith Towne & AGM

Our October talk was full of intrigue. It was given by Meridith Towne who is the little girl to the right in the photo.

Meridith grew up to take a degree in archaeology and she is now a Costume Historian and Dressmaker. Her talk 'Romance in the Raj' followed the exploits of Marjorie and her 'Fishing' expedition to India to 'catch' a husband during the late Edwardian era.

Marjorie and the Man she 'caught'.

Marjorie made a very good catch - and Meridith gave a very good talk outlining the trials and tribulations of several weeks at sea travelling to India, discarding knickers along the way, and then finding a suitable husband whilst coping with the restrictions and social conventions of the time. The talk looks at the fashions over twenty years, both in India and back home, and Meridith brings examples of the costumes that would have been worn which, together with her gifts for humour and story-telling, really bring the talk to life. And of course, there's a twist in the tale at the end of the talk - but I couldn't possibly say what it is!

Other Matters
The triennial branch exhibition will be next year - June 18th to 21st. Branch members have been invited to make an entry for the visitors competition. The entry must take the form of a dust jacket for a book. The cover must depict (in as cryptic form as desired) a well known children's book. The definition for 'well known' is that Shirley must have heard of it!! She will be opening a list next month - titles are on a first come first served basis, so if you've got a really excellent idea, make sure you're on the list!

The branch bursary scheme has not attracted any applicants for the last two years. In light of this, it is proposed that the money ring-fenced to fund this bursary should be applied differently. There was a discussion during the meeting of possible options. To allow the committee to consider all suggestions, please make your suggestion (even if you raised it at the meeting) in writing to Kath (her email address is on the About Us page) before the next meeting.

There will be two 'pop-up' shops (or sales tables in old speak) at the next branch meeting. Jo will be selling items for papercrafts, and Helen will be selling recycled and vintage craft materials and threads. 10% of takings will be donated to branch funds.

It is hoped to run a branch outing next year. Please let any committee member know if you have ideas for a good (stitch related) day out.

Tickets for the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate (20th - 23rd November) will be available at the November branch meeting at the discounted price of £10 per ticket.

The AGM was held before the branch meeting. There are spaces for another couple of people to be on the Committee. Committee meetings are held in the morning before the branch meeting. Please consider if you could help in some way, and contact a committee member for more details.

And finally...
held over from last month, the winner of the name badge competition was

Keen readers will remember that she also won the Christmas competition. This Christmas the Competition theme is 'Round Robin'. There are prizes to be won - Anne won a Hobbycraft voucher for her name badge - What are you waiting for?????

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