Friday 18 May 2012

2012 Bursary Information

Details of the 2012/13 bursary can be found below.
You can highlight the application form and copy to your word processor to fill in an electronic form.

City of York Branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild


                   Bursary for textile student 2012/13 academic year

Terms and Conditions

1.    The Bursary is for (final year) research/project development costs up to £500.

2.    The applicant’s permanent home address (not student address) must be in the Yorkshire and Humber region postcode area.  A map is included.

3.    Applications and all supporting information must be received by Mrs Susan Giles by 31st May 2012

4.    The awarding sub-committee of the City of York Branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild will agree on the award by 23th July 2012 and inform the successful candidate by 5thAugust 2012.

5.    The Bursary committee has the right not to award a Bursary if no appropriate applications are received.

6.    The decision of the Bursary committee is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

7.    The Bursary will be given to the successful applicant by 1st October 2012.

8.    The project must be completed by the 30th June 2013.

9.    In demonstrating how the Bursary has been used, the project holder must submit by August 31st 2013

a.        some evidence of stitchery, along with:
b.        a record of how the bursary was used including a financial breakdown.  This should demonstrate the individual’s artistic or technical ‘journey’ and its end product, and must include one or more of the following:
                                  i.     a poster
                                ii.     a portfolio
                               iii.     photographs
                               iv.     a logbook
                                v.     or any combination of the above.

10.  Some evidence of the benefits from the Bursary should be made available for
Potential display, at a future exhibition of the City of York Branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild.

11. The data provided will be used for administrative purposes only, apart from the name and the university of the successful candidate.

City of York Branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild

Bursary for textile student – application form 2012






Degree course


Project start date

       Completion date

Amount of Bursary applied for

Please give an approximate  breakdown of costs

To assist the decision making, please enclose 2 images (photographs, scans, etc.) of current or recent work with a written description (approx 50 words).  If you wish these to be returned, please enclose an appropriate stamped addressed envelope.

Please ask your course tutor to provide a letter in support of your application.  This may be enclosed with the application form or sent separately.

Please attach a draft programme, maximum of one page of A4, outlining how and where you intend to undertake your research or project and give details as to how much of this is an individual undertaking.  Please also give details of any other sponsorship applied for or obtained, as appropriate.

I have read and agree to the Bursary terms and conditions.

Signed ____________________________________Date ________________

Please tick to confirm that you have included or sent separately:

Breakdown of costs ……     Draft programme ……     Letter of support from course tutor ……

Please return your completed application form to Mrs Susan Giles, The Garden House, Back Lane, Allerthorpe, and East Yorkshire, YO42 2RP No later than 31st May 2012
Bursary for Textile Student 2012/13 Academic year.

The City of York Branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild would like to award a Bursary during the academic year 2012/13 to a student from the Yorkshire and Humber region postcode area, undertaking a degree course in textiles.  Priority will be given to students intending to focus on embroidery or other surface embellishment with stitchery.

The award of up to £500 will be given to student to develop his/her textile skills, knowledge and/or understanding.  The expectation is that the Bursary could be used for any of the following projects.

            Research into contemporary or historical design and/or Techniques

            Developing innovative work with textiles.
            Learning new textile, or stitchery techniques.

            Creating unique textile objects, fashion or furnishing textiles, or trimmings.

            Designing humorous, or thought provoking pieces of work.

            Other feasible suggestions will be considered.

The project should be part of formal course work in the final year.

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