Monday, 21 February 2011

Hello everyone. This is Shirley speaking. I have at last been invited to access the blog by the Blogmeister! I have two messages for you. Firstly there is to be second meeting with the interim Guild CEO, Terry Murphy, in March. This time it is for Branch Chairmen. There is to be a question and answer session, but questions need to be submitted before March 4th, ie before our next meeting. If anyone has a question they would like an answer to, about the future of the Guild, please could you let me have it before that date.

Secondly, a reminder to vote in the Guild Chairman election. You all have the voting paper in the latest issue of 'Contact'. If you would like to bring it to the March meeting, we will have a large envelope ready to send them all together, thus saving you the postage.

Thanks for listening

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