Day Schools

Day Schools have previously taken place at a variety of venues. 

The opportunity to enrol is available two months in advance from the programme secretary and dates are announced at the monthly meeting.

The following images are from some of our previous Day Schools

"A day with . . . " with tutor Isobel Hall

"Get Plastered"  with tutor Maggie Smith

This was the workshop which was the follow up to Maggie's talk.  We all collected at York St. John and had a fantastic day.  Maggie showed herself to be a true teacher - she was well organized, inspirational and extremely generous with her expertise and kept us all focused throughout the day.   This resulted in us having to work very hard but at the end of the day we had the satisfaction of having absorbed a lot of information and we had a fantastic array of samples that we could take home and use for future reference as you can see from the photo's.

When we had completed our samples we made some pictures based on Maggie's Bottle imagery - here are some examples

Maggie discusses our work with us!!!
Overall I would say that we all had a throughly enjoyable and productive day.