Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Stitch club requirements

Update . . . The stumpwork session will not be taking place tomorrow (Saturday March 7th).

Carol's Initial design will be going ahead as planned, and the sit and sew group will also go ahead as normal.

If you're coming to the morning session this Saturday 7th March, and want to take part in Stitch Club with Carol where the theme is Initial Designs, this is what you need to bring . . .

Carol Coleman - Initial Designs
Several square pieces of paper 8” – 12”
Paper scissors
Craft knife and cutting mat (if you have them)
Freezer paper (if you have it)
Back-up supplies of requirements will be available

If you wish to try out your design on fabric to make a small quilted sample, bring some fabric and backing and batting (wadding) together with sewing/embroidery supplies.

Paints will be available if you wish to use them to apply your design as a painted stencil transfer onto fabric.

If you're doing stumpwork with Shirley, the session is not going ahead on March 7th.

Usual sewing kit with 9/10 size needles
6" embroidery ring
Fine water soluble pen or pencil
Small piece of brown / tan/ beige felt

Stranded cotton in selection of greens and Browns, ALSO berry colours or reds and purples

Paper covered cake wires if you have them- I will have some if not.

Stitch Club starts at 10:00.

And if you're staying for the afternoon talk, the speaker is Victoria Riley, talking about traditional and Indonesian batik. See the programme page for more details.

And don't forget, we put information out on our facebook page throughout the month.

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