2015 Exhibition

Our triennial exhibition took place from 19th to 21st June 2015 at the Guildhall in York.

The exhibition was opened by The Lord Mayor of York, Sonja Crisp, who brought with her the heavily embroidered ceremonial robe she wears at Civic events.

Sonja Crisp (left) and Branch Chairman Kath Potter at the opening ceremony. The Magna Carta banner behind them was made by our Young Embroiderers

Further work by Young Embroiderers. Click here, or on the Young Embroiderers tab above to find out more about this thriving group.
Displays of embroidery in the historic York Guildhall

Further displays. The dress in the foreground is made from old silk ties and formed part of our 'Make Do and Mend' themed part of the exhibition.
More examples of up-cycling

Our branch entry for the Regional AGM last year. 

As well as all the different displays of embroidery and textile work, there was a programme of events running throughout the exhibition. Details are below.

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  1. Great Diana, lovely to see our well presented work in the Guildhall, and thanks for pointing out our YE work we are so very proud of their achievements. Quite a few of them came to visit and the joint family quizzing of one of them, won the book titles prize! Result !